Friday, September 25, 2009

One-Hit Wonder Day Bonus Post

I couldn't resist posting a second one-hit wonder on this special day. Neil and Buzz had their only tune that hit The Billboard Hot 100 back in 1980. It went all the way up to #29. You know them better as the Larsen/Feiten Band with Who'll Be The Fool Tonight.

National One-Hit Wonder Day

In case you were unaware, today is National One-Hit Wonder Day. Clint Holmes is this year's honoree at Davewillieradio for reaching The Billboard Hot 100 only once in his career. The song? One of the favorites from my youth, Playground In My Mind.

Recorded in May 1972 and released the following month, Playground peaked at number two on the charts in June 1973. Only Paul McCartney's hit My Love prevented Holmes' tune from reaching the top spot. When you listen to Playground, there are parts, especially the intro, that sound prepubescent Michael Jackson-esque.

Viewed as a novelty act, Holmes' subsequent releases went nowhere. In addition to being a musician, he spent two years as a music and events correspondent on Entertainment Tonight. He was also Joan Rivers' sidekick on her short-lived television program, The Late Show.