Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Bluest Skies You've Ever Seen...

In Seattle? Well, I just got back from there. It was cloudy and unseasonably warm. The skies were not the bluest I've ever seen, but Seattle and, for that matter, Tacoma were very beautiful.

My trip reminded me of Bobby Sherman, who along with David Soul, starred in Here Come The Brides, inspired by the movie Seven Brides For Seven Brothers. The show's home base was Seattle. A French version of the show and theme song, performed by a chorus of male singers, was a smash hit in French Canada and entitled Cent filles à marier (A Hundred Girls to Marry Off).

Both Sherman and Perry Como recorded versions of a song entitled Seattle, although Brides' theme song Seattle was written by Hugo Montenegro, Jack Keller and Ernie Sheldon. Sherman never released his as a single, although it received some airplay. Como reached #38 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #21 at Chicago's WCFL in 1969.

Here's a clip of Sherman's cut with scenes from the show: