Friday, April 18, 2008

Today, while listening to a radio station that streams on the Internet, I heard a friend doing vacation relief on a Midwestern Classic Rock station. This person has a great set of pipes and a tremendous passion for music.

Unfortunately, this aircheck would not rate a “Finest Hour” nomination. While attempting to record a phone call off the air, my friend must have thrown the wrong switch. You could hear a phone being dialed over top of the song being played and the recording on the other end, “This number is disconnected or out of service.” This was followed by my friend exclaiming, “Damn it!” and redialing the call with the same result.

I don’t know if my friend knew this went out over the air, but my friend will now. If only I had recorded the gaffe on my computer's hard drive.... Oh well, such is life.

(The person’s identity and station call letters are withheld to protect the guilty.)