Friday, December 28, 2007

My New Year's trip to San Diego has been an adventure, even before I get there tonight.

My friend, Shark, was supposed to have joined me to broadcast two Platteville Pioneers men's basketball games, but was unable to make the trip.

Then, my mom, who was going to drive over to see her sister, went into the hospital on Christmas Eve and almost forced me to cancel the trip altogether. Thankfully, she was released yesterday and insisted I fly over and enjoy myself.

However, the part of the trip I'm really looking forward to, besides watching the Packers on Sunday at yet another Hooter's, is having dinner at a special restaurant and jazz club featuring the music of a famous late musician, run by his widow. I plan to write a full review of the music and food when I return, but to tantalize your curiosity, I will withhold the name of the establishment until then.

The only clues I will afford are:
1. She was a member of The Rumrunners.
2. He attended Villanova University.
3. They moved to San Diego in August 1973.
4. He died in Natchitoches, Louisiana.

Number 4 should be the one that gives up his identity. I'm confident that someone (Shark, jb, Jeff or another music expert) will correctly guess the name of this South Philly native. Did I just give another hint?

Have a Happy New Year!