Monday, February 12, 2007

So The Dixie Chicks comeback is complete. Bullsh*t!

Just because they were given 5 Grammy Awards proves nothing. Only 11,000 members of a select group vote on those awards. Their peers might love them, but the American public still does not.

Where are their CD sales? In the toilet. What about airplay on ANY radio stations? Almost non-existent. Who is going to their concerts? Judging by the rescheduling of dates and half-full shows, only their most ardent fans.

Even the lead clucker, Natalie Maines, knows the truth. TVs across the nation tuned to another channel after The Police finished & The Chicks took the stage.

What did I do during their performance? I took a "Natalie." In fact, just thinking about those three dodos makes me want to take another "Natalie."

Can anybody loan me a can of Oust? I might need a plunger and a fresh roll of Northern, too.