Thursday, November 06, 2008

The New 94.5 Lake FM

Milwaukee’s newest radio station, 94.5 Lake FM debuted at noon today. The soon-to-be WLWK replaces WKTI, which had essentially the same format for 32 years. That’s almost unheard of in radio, especially in this day-and-age.

Based on listener feedback, the design of the station is “unpredictable and fun to listen to.” Instead of being limited to just a few hundred of the same tired songs, 94.5 Lake FM will feature thousands of songs from the 60’s to today, including Pop, Rock, Top 40 and the timeless classics, all without jocks until after the first of the year.

You would be correct if you think this format sounds like an offshoot of “Jack-FM.” That’s exactly what it is. However, it's nothing like the format at the former 93.1 The Lake in Madison, which recently switched to hip-hop. R.I.P.