Saturday, May 26, 2007

25 years ago this past week, I was moving from Lancaster, Wisconsin to Rice Lake, Wisconsin. Going from being part of "The Sunrise Guys" with John Murphy at WGLR to flying solo in the morning at WJMC. Switching from a small AM daytimer to a 100,000 watt blowtorch that reached the Twin Cities. Little did I know these would be the only two stops in my professional announcing career (so far).

I still have my FCC Radio Telephone Third Class Operator Permit. A "Fruit Loops" boxtop has replaced that for which I studied so diligently to achieve. Also, did I really weigh only 160 back in 1978?

Radio has always been in my blood. That's why I love to podcast. It feeds the beast.

That brings me to The WLS Top 45 Countdown for Memorial Day Weekend 1982. WLS was one of my favorite stations in my younger years. I wanted to honor that memory by creating a tribute to "The Big 89."

It was the songs AND the personalities that made WLS great!